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Baylie Bunke

BS Applied Developmental Psychology
MA Teaching: Elementary Education

Hello! My name is Baylie Bunke. I am the wife of a wonderful husband, Darren, and the mother of two beautiful daughters, Ellie and Daisy. I have a dream to stay home to raise my two sweet girls but still be able to provide income for my family and use the Masters in Elementary Education I worked so very hard for. I have nearly 10 years of experience in the realm of education; I started out as a Pre-K teacher in a daycare and then went on to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Applied Developmental Psychology. This degree built the foundation of my Humanistic teaching philosophy and deep understanding of meeting the needs of children. While finishing my BA, I worked as a Behavior Intervention Specialist where I fell in love with the world of Kindergarten and decided to go back to school to pursue my Masters in Elementary Education. Since then, I have had experience in teaching 2nd Grade and my most recent and extensive experience was in 1st grade at a Title 1 school in Spokane Public Schools. ​I want to ensure you that I will always keep your child's best interest at heart. I truly want to make their education experience wonderful and magical, even though current events are putting a damper on things. I appreciate your time reading this and please feel free to reach out with any questions! 


Baylie Bunke

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