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KinderClub is an early learning program tailored for children aged 3.5 to 6 years that embraces a dynamic, play-based, and hands-on educational approach. Designed as a mixed-age kindergarten small group class, each lesson is meticulously crafted to be student-centered, fostering learning through authentic experiences and exploration rather than through rote memorization or traditional worksheets. Our curriculum integrates vital aspects of social-emotional learning, meeting children at their individual skill levels to nurture early development in math, reading, and writing within a joyful and engaging environment.

At the core of KinderClub is a commitment to support your family through the various stages of your child’s early education. Whether your child is taking their first steps in an educational setting, transitioning towards more structured learning in preparation for public school, or you are seeking supplemental support for your homeschooled kindergartener, KinderClub is designed to cater to these diverse needs. Our goal is to provide a foundation that not only prepares children academically but also ensures they are emotionally and socially equipped to thrive in their educational journeys ahead. Join us at KinderClub, where learning is a delightful adventure filled with new discoveries every day!

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What do we Do?

English Language Arts

Children begin each day with handwriting practice through large and fine-motor activities. Close to follow is story time, that introduces or builds on our weekly theme.  Kids are divided up into small groups based off of the skills they are learning, which could be anywhere between a first introduction to the alphabet and phonics, then to learning to read, and then to building reading skills through various hands-on and explorative activities. The reading and writing curriculum that is used is based on the Science of Reading approach.. 


Students learn about their emotions and feelings and how to navigate them using the "A Little Spot" Series, "2nd Step" and "Kelso's Choices." They also learn problem-solving strategies using Kelso's Choices and how to give "I-Messages" when an issue with a friend arises.

Ample playtime and cooperative learning is built into our day to practice these important skills.


We focus on several areas throughout our school year to expose students to the vocabulary and basic structures of mathematical concepts. These concepts are taught through whole and small group lessons and interactive cooperative games. The concepts taught include:

  • Number Sense

  • Addition and Subtraction

  • Geometry

  • Measurement and Graphing

  • Patterns


Creativity and exploration is key to fostering a love of learning!  That is why each item in our classroom is available for your child to manipulate, explore, and create with. Here is some of what your child can experience:

  • Building/Engineering: Magnetiles, Legos, Domino Run, Snap Cubes, Lincoln Logs

  • Sensory Bins: Weekly themed sensory bins, for example: Ocean Exploration water beads, Kinetic Sand construction, pumpkin patch sensory play, and so much more!

  • Dramatic Play: New play centers each month! Play Kitchen, doctor's office, grocery store, and many more!

  • Creation Station: arts and crafts materials and coloring pages.

Perks of the 'Club
  • Complimentary Learning Resources
    • Weekly Activity Guides to do at home to reinforce classroom learning
    • Access to apps for extra practice and supplementary learning
  • Monthly Field Trips
  • Snacks are provided
  • Weekly Library Checkout: Students get to take classroom library books home to enjoy!

Days, Hours, & Pricing

Beginning Fall 2024

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 
8:30 am to 12:30 pm
Snacks Provided
$275 per month
September through May

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