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Summer: Let's get Messy!

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

This week is all about getting messy! It's hard to have fun outside without getting a little messy and engaging all of the senses to explore and create! One of my favorite things to do as a kid was make mud pies and pretend to serve them, as if I were a baker at a cafe. My sister and I would get lost in our imaginations creating "recipes" out of mud, sticks, leaves, and rocks. Let's jump into what this week has to offer:

Suggested Book List-Try to find these at your local library!


Squishy Sensory Walk- Sprouts (ages 2-5) Create an opportunity for your child to explore different textures with their toes!


  • Medium shallow bins (one per textured material)

  • Materials of various textures, such as cooked pasta, cotton balls, bubble wrap, washable paint, ice cubes, shaving cream, or oobleck)


  1. Line the bins up in a row and add a different textured ,material to each one.


  1. Have your child walk through the row of bins, stepping into one bin after another.

  2. Ask your child to describe what he/she feels in each bin. Encourage descriptive words like soft, bumpy, hard, squishy, slimy, and wet.

(Bonning-Gould et al., 2019)


Mud Bird's Nest-Blossoms (ages 5-9): Use different materials found in nature to create a nest!


  • mud or dirt

  • water

  • bowl

  • Nature items (pine needles, dry grass, moss, etc.)


  1. Mix your mud and water together in a bowl, making sure to not add too much water. The consistency should resemble a thick paste, much like mortar or clay, that can be shaped with your hands.

  2. Add the pine needles/small sticks, and other nature items and use this mixture to form a bowl-shaped nest.

  3. Allow your creation to dry in the sun.

  4. Place it in a bush or have an adult supervise you while you safely place it on a low branch.

(Andrews et al., 2019)


Outdoor Adventure Bucket List

***PLEASE REMEMBER to modify these for your child's age and always do with adult supervision and permission!***

  • Roll down a Hill like a Log- Find a grassy hill wither around you or at your local park. Then, start at the top and start to roll! For an added challenge, have a race! Just make sure to space yourselves out well enough and that there is nothing down below to run into. Whoever makes it to the bottom or to a set "finish line" first wins!!

  • Find Your State Flower- The Washington State flower is called a Coast Rhododendron. Go on a nature walk at a local park or nature trail, or even just around your neighborhood and try to spot some! To see what they look like, visit this website!

  • Go Fishing: Get your fishing license, gather up you equipment, and then hit a nearby lake, pond, or stream! If you don't have any gear, you can rent it from a local place (Try Silverbow Fly Shop or Gambles Tackle Shop) .

(Tornio et al., 2013)



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