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Worm Weather Pour and Play

Worm Weather Pour and Play

Worm, worm, wiggle, squirm, it’s WORM WEATHER!

Introducing our enchanting sensory bin inspired by the whimsical tale “Worm Weather” by Jean Taft! Delight your little explorers with a hands-on adventure as they dive into the world of springtime wonders. Let imaginations run wild as they embark on a quest to dig for worms and uncover hidden treasures under rocks.

With our sensory bin, children can create their own springtime weather adventure, complete with three adorable hand-painted mushroom pegs. These charming pegs add a touch of magic to the sensory experience, inviting children to weave tales of woodland creatures and playful discoveries.

Designed to stimulate sensory exploration and encourage imaginative play, this sensory bin offers endless opportunities for discovery and storytelling. Watch as little ones engage in sensory-rich activities, fostering curiosity and creativity along the way.

Bring the magic of “Worm Weather” to life with our sensory bin, where every scoop and every peek under a rock leads to a new adventure in the great outdoors.

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